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Hello there! If you are looking for live event filming… you have arrived to the right place.
We are experts at capturing your live events on film and we make them look great! Annual general meeting coverage, conference, congress, presentations, webinar, live music and community events.

If you need live streaming of your event, we do that too! Jump to our dedicated live streaming page.

You’re investing a lot in your event. Why would you not want it properly documented as the successful event? For your event film MYRA PRODUCTION team can supply anything from a single camera to multiple cameras and crew.

Normally, we edit after the event, but we can make on-site editing of your film during the event itself.

We also supply production services such as content creation, welcoming messages, event logos and bunch of ready made graphic and video elements to resource your great event with a great experience.

If you need your event filmed, then contact us today and give us a quote.

Yep, we are serious about event filming. Here is what one of our client said after filming their event:

A huge thank you again for hosting our music event and for all your support. Your creativity shines through and you’re all such a pleasure to be around. (thnx ATIK ESUP!)

Rokas Baltusis, Executive Director, ATIK ESUP Records

We are proud of producing event films that are right for our clients. We have filmed countless hours of events, conferences and presentations and drawing on that experience we are positioned perfectly to advise you on the best way to cover your event, and then to deliver.

Live event filming can extend the shelf-life of an event for months and years to come. Don’t miss out.

live event filming by Myra Production, Denmark

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