ATIK ESUP Records is a DJ and music school in Lithuania that provides a variety of services related to music: concert & event planning, music-tech services, individual music lessons, DJ equipment and studio rent.  

The client needed a high-end custom website which would make it easier for visitors to learn more about ATIK ESUP music school and their services. For this project, we used WordPress to create custom pages highlighting their brand. We’ve designed a platform where customers are able to buy DJ lessons, as well as integrated an online booking system. Highlighted Features:

  • Booking System
  • Online Music Courses
  • DJ & Studio Equipment Rent

Our new website created by Myra Production just launched. They have done a fantastic job of creating what we expected - the design is beautiful. Reliable, responsive and easy to work with. We are confident to continue working with them in the future. Thank you!

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