7 Video Tips For Better Social Media Marketing

The platforms on social media may change during the time, but there is no deny that social media is booming. Since 2014, users on Facebook have doubled (Statista) and this is only a start; Twitter users have increased by ten times (Statista, April, 2019) and there are no signs on Instagram of slowing down with more than 1 billion active users every month (Brandwatch, 07/05/19).

Social media is open 24/7, reachable worldwide and the never ending continual stimulation keeps us engaged and prevents us from desire to stop. Having this in mind, advertisers have jumped on board with brands increasing their video spend on social media.

Recent study by Brandwatch (07/05/19) shows, that Instagram have more than 2 million monthly advertisers and over 90% of top 100 brands in the world, have an Instagram account. It is not only about the brands who expand their effort and ad spend on Instagram. Also, it seems to be working, with over 60% of daily Instagram users constantly discovering new brands via the platform.

We all know, it is very important to keep and grow social media presence, but how make sure that we are doing it right? Here are 7 great video tips for better social media marketing.


Keep video short! This might be obvious, but it is crazy how often users misunderstand and upload a long-length film to social media.

Duration does not have fixed guideline, but we recommend making content to be as short as possible, and 60 seconds video should be a great start.


Your audience should be engaged with their level of content which they are interested in. SoMe should not be used as continual advertising channel. Think about your followers and make an interest for them – why should they stop scrolling and check your video?

3. Learn to Storytell

Social media platforms have changed over the years … but humans still use stories to behave, communicate and understand. Create videos with a clear idea and the message upfront, and use the ability of storytelling to make fire!

4. catch VIEWEr's attention

First few seconds of video are crucial and surely the most important. Think about the old days where shopping happened on the streets, in real shops, with real cash – there was no reason of having wonderful shop if the exterior design was not grabbing peoples’ attention to come inside!

5. Do not RELY ONly on audio

The major part of consumption on social media happens in mute: on a bus, on in the metro, in a random meeting… Make sure your videos work well in silence too. The visuals need to tell a story, but you can use subtitles as well.


Today we live in visual content – video era. Every little detail is noted on cameras from dog yawns to coffees.  We are all about the showing – sadly, not storytelling!

In 2020 more images are now taken every single minute than were taken during the entire 1900s. Be different and show yourself on a video!


Who is your audience? Knowing your audience is very important, you may differ your visual content depending on it’s final end-destination. For instance, Instagram’s biggest demographic group is men aging between 18 – 24 (Brandwatch, 2019). 


Good strategy consists of every single tip combined. It is crucial that visuals you create for your brand  works well with your marketing plan.

We really hope that our guide on social media video advice was useful. At Myra Production, we support companies with visual content marketing, and we would be delighted to create video for your business as well. Get in touch today

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