5 Editing Tips on More Efficient Video Editing

29 October 2021

Digital approach to video is changing constantly. There is no doubt that you are searching for improvements on how to produce your videos faster.

This is not guide for simply dragging and dropping clips. Instead, this will give you some of our best advices in video editing from our production team of Myra. Let’s go!

1. set up professional workspace

CPU, GPU, RAM… you prolly heard those terms many times, – these are key hardware elements for video editing.

Be certain that you have a strong computer with enough RAM. In order to segment your current project, have separate bins and organise your work.

Video editors find that organising files in the beginning is a small pay for a huge prize in the future. Want to find “Huge Whale Sound Effect”? – It is in the sound effects folder!


Our recommendation – Adobe Creative Cloud. In order to find out what works best for you, do a research. Having full package is always handy. Maybe you do not need to have a full cloud – but just Adobe Premiere Pro.

Get to know video formats: bit rates, frame rates, codecs, resolution. These will help you to produce a right video for your client.

3. Know video editing terms

Here are basic video editing terms, and a great place to begin:

J cut: A scene transition where the music of the following scene precedes the picture change.

L cut: The audio jumps over from the last scene into the next one, despite of visual changes.

Match cut: for continuity editing. When single scene is cut to next one, objects from both scenes are graphically matched, to create the video flow.

Cutaway: main action’ ‘cut away’ shot. This will add greater visual information, and may fix an error with the continuity of next clips.


4. Use keyboard shortcuts

Working on a deadline? – save your time by using shortcuts. Customising keyboard shortcuts on your own are easier than ever before. Learn basic default settings (Adobe Premiere Pro) or set them up by yourself. This will speed up your editing workflow!

man using computer for video editing premiere pro color correction

5. colour correction and colour balance

Learn colour grading. Video production value can be massively increased just by using right colour correcting! On the other hand, bad correcting can make the project worse. Spend some time practicing with separate shots with different colours and lighting balances – see what works best for you.

Putting music and subtitles in your video, whose are relevant to the content will make your video stand-out!

Check out the examples of creative video editing here, there, or there!

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